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China Satellite Navigation Office

China Satellite Navigation Office
Beidou satellite navigation system of China developed its own regional active three-dimensional satellite positioning and communication system ( CNSS ) is the United States, in addition to the global positioning system ( GPS ), GLONASS in Russia after the third mature satellite navigation system. In a global scale all-weather, day for all types of users with high precision, reliable positioning, navigation, GPS time service, and has the functions of short message communication ability. The eighth and the ninth Beidou navigation satellite in 2011 by the long march three a rocket into space a predetermined transfer orbit. In 2011December, Beidou satellite navigation system spokesman Ran Chengqi said, Beidou satellite navigation system in 2020 will form global coverage. In 2012March, China formally launched the world 's first" Beidou + GPS" double system car navigation products.

Ma Jiaqing
«Текущее состояние и перспективы развития спутниковой навигационной системы BeiDou»
Пленарная дискуссия «Развитие систем спутниковой навигации. Новые бизнес-модели, навигация и цифровые технологии в логистике людей и вещей. Автонет 2.0»